Here’s a bit about us. Let us know if you would like more information on our church.

We are a non-denominational Bible church served by Village Missions.  “Village Missions exists to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America.”  They provide a full time pastor for our church to continue to preach the Word and love the people.  They have sent Steven and Grace Washburn to our church.  For more information about Village Missions go to their website.

Goal  & Distinctions

Bruce Crossing Bible Church exists to glorify Jesus Christ. Our highest authority is the Word of God, the Bible. The Holy Spirit guides and leads us, and as God, always working in line with the character and Word of God, continuing pointing us to Jesus and what He has done on our behalf. We are a non-denominational church, in other words, we are not a part of a denomination. But we are a Bible Church, meaning that we are guided by the Scriptures as God’s authority on all matters.

Mission & Joy

Our longing is to see the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ living a perfect life, dying a perfect death on the cross and rising to perfect life all for imperfect sinners who would believe that He did that in their place, for their sins, to give them new life and forgiveness. To see that gospel proclaimed in our church to change and renew lives, proclaimed in the community to change and renew lives, and proclaimed to the world, again, as the only hope to change and renew lives, all so that God would receive the glory.

Community & Worship

We come together as often as we can to fellowship with one another, encourage one another in our Christian lives,  to be there for each other when our faith is stretched and celebrate with one another when success and God’s blessings come, bolstering our faith with new strength. We also come together in corporate worship as we together sing of God faithfulness, repent of sin, listen to the Word of God preached, pray for our community and ourselves, and long in all we do for Jesus Christ to be lifted up as the living, loving, reigning, resurrected, sufficient Savior that He is.

Join us in that, We would love to have you!

In Christ,
Our Only Hope,
Bruce Crossing Bible Church


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