Screenshot 2018-01-06 13.47.21Hello, I’m Steven Washburn, Pastor of Bruce Crossing Bible Church in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our hope at BCBC is that these messages will be an encouragement to you as you endeavor to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Past Sermons & Series (BCBC Archive)

Sunday, March 3rd – Special Speaker Michael Demers – God is Good

Sunday, February 17th  – #43 Law, Life and Loving God – Exodus ch 21-23

Sunday, February 10th  – #42 Dare to Draw near 

Sunday, February 3rd  – #41 TEN: No Coveting pt 2 

Sunday, January 27th  – #40 TEN: No Coveting 

Sunday, January 13th   – #39 TEN: No False Witness pt 2 

Sunday, January 6th   – #38 TEN: No False Witness 

Sunday, December 30th   – #37 TEN: No Adultery 

Sunday, December 23rd Christmas Candlelight Service  – Long Expected Light 

Sunday, December 23rd  – Long Expected King 

Sunday, December 16th   – Long Expected God With Us 

Sunday, December 9th   – Long Expected Jesus: Christmas Needs Watchmen 

Sunday, December 2nd   – #36 TEN: No Stealing 

 Sunday, November 25th  – #35 TEN: No Murder 

Sunday, November 18th  – #34 TEN: Honor Your Parents 

 Sunday, November 11th  – #33 TEN: Sabbath pt 4 

 Sunday, November 4th  – #32 TEN: Sabbath pt 3 

Sunday, October 28th  – #31 TEN: Sabbath pt 2 

Sunday, October 21st  – #30 TEN: Sabbath pt 1 

 Sunday, October 14th  – Rural Ministry Sunday 

October 7th – The Messenger;  Special Speaker Tom Gibson 

September 29th – Exodus: TEN – Do Not Misuse God’s Name 

Sunday, September 23rd – Exodus: TEN – No Idol Worship 

Sunday, September 9th – Exodus: TEN- No Idol Worship 

Sunday, September 2nd – Exodus: TEN- No Other gods 

Sunday, August 26th – Exodus – Preparing for Law Exodus 19 

Sunday, August 19th – Exodus – Who God Says We Are 

Sunday, August 12th – Exodus – Wilderness U: Wisdom pt 2 

Sunday, August 5th – Exodus – Wilderness U: Wisdom 

Sunday, July 29th – Exodus – Wilderness U: Protection & Strength 

Sunday, July 22nd – Exodus – Wilderness U: Grace 

Sunday, July 8th – Exodus – Wilderness U: Sustinence 

Sunday, July 1st – Exodus – Wilderness U: Needs pt 2 

Sunday, June 24 – Exodus – Wilderness U: Needs pt 1 

Sunday, June 17 – Exodus – We are Free – Now What? pt 2 

Sunday, June 3rd – Exodus – We are Free – Now What? 

Sunday, May 27th – Exodus – Glorious Rescue pt 2 

Sunday, May 20th – Exodus – Glorious Rescue pt 1 

Sunday, May 13th – Exodus – Led by God  Exodus 13 

Sunday, May 6th – Go!  The Final Straw

Sunday, April 29th – Passover: Severity and Substitute – Exodus ch 12

Sunday, April 22nd – Exodus: Severe Mercy – ch 11

Sunday, April 15th – Responding in Joy – Speaker: Michael Demers 

Sunday, April 8th – Exodus: God Alone Deserves Glory – Plagues 7-9 Exodus ch 10 

Sunday, April 1st – Easter Sunday: As It Will Be

Sunday, March 30th – Good Friday: As It Will Be

Sunday, March 25th – Palm Sunday As It Will Be

Sunday, March 18th – God Takes Care of His Own – Plagues ch 9 

Sunday, March 4th – Exodus: The Battle Begins 

Sunday, February 25th – Exodus: Stay the Course 

Sunday, February 18th – Exodus: When Obedience Makes Life Worse Ex 5 

Sunday, February 11th – Exodus: God Calls, We Doubt pt 2- ch 4 

Sunday, February 4th – Exodus: God Calls, We Doubt – ch 3

Sunday, January 28th – Exodus: A Savior is Born, But… ch 2 

Sunday, January 21st – Exodus: The Trust Journey Begins – ch 1 

Sunday, January 7th – Exodus: Free to Worship and Serve



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy to be able to listen to the sermons on the www! There are times when a familiar voice helps to drive the point home, just like a phone call! God Bless you all at Bruce Crossing Bible

  2. Grace says:

    Love listening to these! Even better the 2nd time! 🙂 So glad to be a part of Bruce Crossing Bible.

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