Colossians: Christ as Center

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Col 1:1-2 Introduction to the Colossians Series. Christ as the center of all of life.

Col 1:3-8 Faith and Love and all else grows and bears fruit through the hope of the gospel

Col 1:9-14 Deep Knowing, Empowered Doing through the knowledge of the Gospel

Col 1:15-20 Jesus as the image of the invisible God, Transforming us to bear His image all through the world.

Col 1:21-23 Only Jesus Christ can bring the sinner’s sin and the holiness of God together in peace.

Col 1:24-29 Mystery revealed: Suffering, Striving & the Maturity to Come

Col 2:1-5 Jesus as both the key and the treasure of encouragement, wisdom and defense.

Col 2:6-7 Clinging to Jesus is essential at the beginning and the end of the Christian life, Therefore all the more in the middle of it.

Col 2:8-12 Jesus Battles as an Unbeatable, Unyielding Warrior for your Heart Part A & B

Col 2:13-15 Seeing our Death, Receiving Our Life and experiencing Christ’s Victory.

Col 2:16-19 What is real Christianity to you? Substance or Shadow?

Col 2:20-23 If You have died with Christ you have freedom from the religious life.

Col 3:1-4 If you are raised with Christ, You are raised to a new, reoriented and transformed life.

Col 3:5-11 Beccause of the Gospel, your old sin, your old sinful you, is dead,

Col 3:12-14 Christ’s Love goes deep in us, public in us, and then out from us in the kind of people we are transformed to be.

Col 3:15-17 Letting the peace of Jesus rule our hearts, the word of Jesus dwell richly, and the name of Jesus glorified in all we do.

Col 3:18-21 Paul turns from the spiritual family to the physical family and how the gospel changes us into people willing and wanting to show that Jesus has reoriented the way we live in the family

Col 3:22-4:1 As Christians, both our work and our use of authority is changed by the gospel, Jesus, modeling and motivating us as perfect master and servant

Col 4:2-6 Everyone is a missionary, not everyone goes overseas., but every Christian is entrusted with the gospel to share in their own community.

Jesus Christ is at work building his church, His church is full of normal but changed people, together as a body, seeking and striving to glorify Jesus.

Paul signs his letter as he brings it to a close. He wants the Colossians and us to let Christ have and be the final definitive word in all of life.


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