Great Expectations Series

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Christmas ’13 #6 Luke 2:22-35, In an instant culture like we have today, we learn a lot from a man like Simeon, whose life was characterized by waiting, but waiting, more importantly for the Messiah who is worth the wait.

Christmas ’13 #5: Luke 2:7 Jesus, not what we expected, But as God intended, exactly what we needed. Candlelight Christmas Eve Service.

Christmas ’13 #4: Luke 1:26-38, 46-55 Mary, insignificant to the world, sinful and potentially rejected by those around her. The world expected her never to measure up or amount to anything. But God chose to use her to bring about Salvation for the world.

Christmas ’13 #3: Matthew 1:18-25 Joseph was a hard working construction worker from Nazareth. He had hopes and dreams, but when he finds out his betrothed wife is pregnant, all that changes. God had changed his expectations to be about something he never expected.

Christmas ’13 #2: Luke 1:13-17, 39-44, 76-80 John’s life and his coming were all about Jesus. What about yours?

Christmas ’13: Luke 1:5-14, 39-45, 67-75, When our expectations & the expected Savior meet. Zechariah and Elizabeth had served the Lord for years, but the blessing they expected never seemed to come from the Lord, Until one day an angel showed up announcing the birth of a little Baby boy.


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