O Come Let Us Adore Him Series – Christmas 2014

O Come Let Us Adore Him Series – Christmas 2014

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Sunday December 14th – #1 O Come Let us Adore Him: King – Matthew 2:1-12  Have you ever wondered why God would reveal His son to a group of Gentile  ‘wise men’?  Where were the religious leaders of the day and why weren’t they also looking for the Messiah? Listen to the start of this year’s Christmas message for more details. 

Sunday December 21st – #2 O Come Let us Adore Him: God (Isaiah 7; Matthew 1:21-23) – We all know that Matthew calls Jesus ‘Immanuel’, which means ‘God with us’, but where does that idea come from?   Why does he take a quote from Isaiah 7, where King Ahaz’s lack of faith is the focus?  Listen and find out! 

Wednesday, December 24th – Luke 2:11 – Jesus came as a baby to be our Savior from sin if we would put our trust in Him.  Join us for our church’s Christmas Eve service on our  only hope for salvation from sins: our Savior, Jesus. 

Sunday, December 28th – Luke 2:8-20 – Shepherds. Ordinary people, whom God chose to reveal the coming of His Son.  These wonderful circumstances remind us that God is doing something different than you expect, because He is doing more than you expect.

Sunday, January 4th – Luke 2:40-52 – 12 year old Jesus is found at the temple after his parents had lost him for 3 days. “I must be abou7t my Father’s business, was His response to his worried parents. What does all this mean for us and why does it say that He ‘grew in wisdom’?


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