Praise & Prayer

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Thursday, February 4th – Praise and Prayer: The Power of Grace Titus 2:11-14 

Thursday February 5th– Genesis 24 -Abraham’s Servant and Rebekah: In what way do we depend on the Lord for decision making and plans? Abraham’s servant teaches us a lot about what it means to let the Lord lead your path

Thursday December ‘4 – Genesis 22 – Will God Provide? Abraham & Isaac-  God’s provision in the midst of Abraham’s greatest test reminds us of the provision  of Christ for our redemption, as well as His willingness to provide for our needs.

Thursday November ’14 – Genesis 18-19 Abraham and his nephew Lot get some very important visitors in these passages. The visitors reveal the nature of our and their great God.

Thursday October ’14 – God establishes a Covenant with Abraham, a covenant that is, to say the least, confusing and laughable to a man who is 100 years old. See how it plays out in Genesis 17.

Thursday August
Genesis 15:1-6 After the scene with Melchizadek Abram and God have a conversation. Honesty, questions, reassurance and a real relationship with God.

Thursday July
Next we find Abraham, rescued by God, rescuing Lot, and then meeting Melchizedek.

Thursday May
Great is the Faithfulness of the Lord. Even when the clouds roll in.

Thursday April
Great is the Faithfulness of the Lord. Even when the clouds roll in.

Thursday February
Thursday night praise and prayer. Our Journey through the Old Testament brings us to Noah

Thursday January
Our Thursday night Praise and Prayer, This one on Marriage.


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