Special Events & Speakers

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Sunday, April 15th – Responding in Joy – Speaker: Michael Demers 

Sunday, March 13th – Special Events and Speakers: Tom Gibson – Abiding Love John 15 
Mark 11:1-10 In our frenzy for Jesus to be all that we want Him to be, we often miss Jesus as He really is.

Matthew 28:16-20 The Great Commission calls for devotion, urgency, commitment and obedience from every Christian, all the time.

Praise, Our God, Thanksgiving and the hope of a soft heart.

Thursday January 15th -Why is it so important to study the Bible correctly? How should we come to the Scriptures when we study? Is it really important to put the hard work in? Common questions when faced with how to correctly study the Scriptures. Find answers to some of the hard questions in part one of three of our Bible Study series on how to study the Bible in depth.

Thursday January 22nd  -How to Study the Bible – How?  Mechanics of proper Bible interpretation. Does it sound difficult?  You may be surprised how doable it is, even though it takes a bit of work. I truly believe anyone can study their Bible well with the proper tools -whoever they are & whatever phase of life they are in.

Sunday, December 27th – HOPE – Special Events and Speakers: Tom Gibson 

Sunday, March 5th – Owning Your Unfinished Task Colossians 1:24-29 

Sunday, December 17th  – Sharing the Gospel (Michael Demers) 


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