Summer Road Trip: Psalm 119

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Sunday May 18th

#1 Psalm 119:1-16 This sermon begins our summer road trip through Psalm 119. At each stop on our trip we will take a look at two letters of this Hebrew Acrostic. As we get out of the car at different locations in life we will see how the the Word of God( The Theme of Psalm 119) affects each place. This week we will look at how the Scriptures produce integrity and purity, as well as introducing the Psalm.

Sunday May 25th

#2 Psalm 119:17-32 The Psalm makes a turn into Delighting in God’s Word as well as being Revived by it. The Word of God grants life when we cling to the dust of despair. It also ought be our greatest delight to hear the Words of God.

Sunday June 1st

#3 Psalm 119:33-48 The next two stanzas focus on how the Word of God turns us from the way that we would take if left to ourselves and saves us. Not only from the folly of sin through wisdom, but also saving us from its penalty by providing Jesus and so much more.

Sunday June 8th

#4 Psalm 119:49-64 The Word of God provides comfort amidst affliction, enemies and in a strange land. The Word is also that that reminds us the Lord Himself is our portion, providing everything we could need by providing us God Himself.

Sunday June 15th

#5 Psalm 119:65-80 Everyone has a set of beliefs through which they see & interpret the world around them. This would be their worldview. For the believer in Jesus Christ, it ought to be exclusively and explicitly Christian. Only then as we think consistently and distinctively as a Christian can we move on to the maturity. How? By having our mind thoroughly renewed by the Word of God.

Sunday June 22nd

#6 Psalm 119:81-96 Many Christians spend their whole lives being hunt and poke Christians. Not knowing where go to find things in the Bible. Those same Christians have a hard time finding their place in life. Instead we ought strive for the Word of God to be our desperation, our only hope, so that we can endure this thing called life, knowing who we are and who God is.

Sunday June 29th

#7 Psalm 119: 97-112 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” v.105 The Word of God guides us as nothing else can along the path of life. For those who would seek it diligently, lovingly, willingly and consistently, it also grants wisdom. May we endeavor to be people who value true wisdom as we love and obey the Word of God.

Sunday July 5th

#8 Psalm 119: 113-128 The Word of God is dauntless in the midst of any and all circumstances, unyielding, uncompromising, and immutable just like the God whose character it reflects. It is also the most certain thing in the world, never to be overturned or trumped, giving us certainty that we never thought possible.

Sunday July 13th

#9 Psalm 119:129-144 The Bible should not only be read, but it also reads us and cuts to the chase as nothing else can. The Bible is also right. Period. And then its rightness demands rightness from us. Thus pushing us to Jesus, who gives us righteousness.

Sunday July 27th

#10 Psalm 119:145-160 Everyone in the world has a something that they love and that revitalizes them or gives them life. Though this need is filled by many things by many people, but nothing accomplishes these two categories like the Word of God.

Sunday August 3rd

#11 Psalm 119 161-176 As we wrap up our trip through Psalm 119, our hope has been to allow the Word of God to occupy its proper place in our hearts. It is and has been the greatest treasure we could find and through it, God our shepherd goes about shepherding us.


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